Margate was founded in the 1950s, when most of it was still a part of the Everglades. In 1955 after the land development became prominent, the desolate swamp came into being as a town. Surprisingly this uninhabited piece of land attracted an influx of people to move in there. In 1961, Margate was now officially incorporated as a city. Gradually growing like other Broward County cities, this city is considered as “gateway to western Broward County”. The city boasts of water and nature parks, golf courses, tennis courts and so on, providing its citizens with all the amenities and a high standard of living.

When summer arrives in Margate

South Florida is typically known for its brutal summers, being so close to the equator and as a part of this area, the climate of Margate is also the same. Sustaining without an AC in the heat of summer when temperatures goes up to 90 degrees is just not possible. In today’s world along with food, clean and fresh water and hygiene, air conditioners have also become a necessary ingredient for survival. ACs have thus attributed to the growth and prosperity of the area for providing cool and comfortable environment. With these wonder machines Margate has emerged from merely being a picturesque township to the buzzing city that it is today.

Choosing the right AC service partner

With the prevailing weather conditions, regular usage of AC is a must and as a result AC industry is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in this area. Most of the companies you find here are doing lucrative business by giving false recommendations, charging exorbitantly, replacing faulty parts with low quality products. Their sole purpose is to only make money. So, it is necessary for you to be cautious when you decide an AC servicing partner for your much essential air conditioner to work efficiently and economically. Choose a company like Margate AC Expert which has over twenty years of experience in serving customer base of both residential and commercial places with a reliable, trustworthy and skilled team.

What makes us number one in Margate?

  • Round the clock services
  • Easily accessibility
  • Prompt response
  • Margate AC Expert Margate, FL 954-366-9079Cost Effective
  • Services during any emergencies
  • Fast services in case of breakdown
  • Turn around time maximum 30 minutes

Areas we serve:


Services we offer

  • New machine installation
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Improved IAQ
  • HVAC installation
  • Ductwork laying
  • Changing old parts
  • Regular cleaning of air filter and ducts
  • Round the cock services in case of breakdown
  • Various brands of ACs available

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