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Can you really imagine going through the Margate, FL summers without AC? Yea, we didn’t think so too!

While an AC is incredibly important in summers, choosing the right one is just as important! So, you may be looking to install a new unit, repair the old one, or upgrading your old unit to a new centralized system, we can do it all. You can always trust on Margate AC Expert’s unbiased consultancy to help you make the best, informed decision. All you need to do is pick up your phone and call 954-366-9079 to discuss your requirements with our trained professionals.

For the last 20+ years, we have been the preferred choice of Margate, FL residents and commercial complexes for AC repair, installation and maintenance service.

What we provide?

Assessment and selection:

If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner, this would be a good time to consult with a professional service provider before taking that decision.

This is where our experts play a huge role in providing you the much needed information about choosing the right AC for your home or office. Wonder why ask us? Because we find you an organic fit! We assess your home, your budget and your needs to make a recommendation that meets all the requirements. You may not know this but a lot of factors are involved in choosing the right air conditioner for your property. These things are known to experienced technicians and they use their knowledge wisely to make appropriate suggestions.

Installation – the right way

You may be replacing your old air conditioner with a new one or planning to install a new air conditioning unit. No matter what your reasons, AC installation is tricky business that needs trained experts with years of experience. Our professionals understand the protocol when it comes to selecting and installing your system. Our job is to ensure that your system works in optimal condition and keeps your family comfortably cool in hot summer weather! What’s more? You don't need to worry about voiding your warranty in the process because our experts are qualified to handle even the most complex installations.

Some of the tasks we undertake:

On existing structures:

  • Split system installation: We can install split systems if you only want part of your home temperature regulated.
  • Window AC: We recommend a window air conditioner for someone with limited space as the compressor and condenser are merged into a single unit. It is a portable and affordable option.
  • Central AC: It has become a trend these days to install huge centralized units at homes as well. Need a central AC in your villa? We can install it for you!
  • Ductless systems: When can install ductless ACs if you lack space on your property
  • Portable air conditioners: Do you move homes a lot? We can suggest you install portable ACs. Let the experts from Margate AC Expert handle it for you!

On new structures:

  • Lay out the ductwork: We can plan the ductwork in a newly built property, allowing us to install an AC at a later stage.
  • Insulation: Lack of insulation impacts your AC’s effectiveness and room cooling. Our experts can offer insulation services to optimize your AC’s energy efficiency.

Work with the air conditioning experts in Margate, FL area. Call us today on 954-366-9079.